Individual Video Therapy

What is online video therapy?

Not having to drive to an office for therapy gives you the opportunity to experience therapy via secure video conferencing. This can be from your home or any private space.

Video therapy lets you focus on the hard work of engaging in effective psychotherapy with the convenience of never leaving your house.

All you need is a comfortable private space (e.g., home, office, friend or relative’s house, reserved library room, even your car), internet, and a device (e.g., smart phone, tablet, computer).

I use the Simple Practice platform for secure tele-therapy sessions.

Why online video therapy?

Video therapy makes getting help possible or easier for your busy or complicated lifestyle.

I’ve got too much on my plate; I don’t have time for a weekly appointment.

Online psychotherapy reduces the time it takes to get to and from therapy – it’s just the time of the session, which is usually 50 minutes.

I need help, but I live too far away. The traffic frustrates me – I’d spend more time in traffic than in the session. (We live in California, so I know how the traffic feels!)

Distance and traffic are not factors with online video psychotherapy sessions.

I’m in college here, but I’m in another location when school’s not in session.

No problem! Online video therapy allows for care and support to continue no matter what part of California you move to next.

I can’t find reasonable, reliable child care.

Naptime and bedtime are amazing times to come to therapy; and it’s possible, without a babysitter, with online sessions.

My physical illness or pain make getting out of the house difficult.

You can come to your sessions from your bed, in your pajamas, no matter how you’re feeling that day. When you’re feeling your worst and home bound, those are the days you need support the most! Video therapy makes that possible.

I want to overcome a specific fear or phobia, and I really want you there at the feared situation or event.

Just pull up the app on your smart phone, and we can tackle this together!

Open-minded? Willing to try something new to see amazing, life-changing results?

Together, we’ll identify past and present problems and all the things in your life that aren’t working anymore or maybe never have.

Then, we’ll direct our attention and energy to the solutions.

We’ll examine the characteristics and experiences that together have made you uniquely you, tapping into your strengths and using those to find answers.

Then, we’ll work together to create a treatment plan, a way forward, using a combination of evidence-based approaches specifically designed for you.

You deserve specialized care and attention.

Video therapy can provide that in a caring, non-judgmental, safe space to explore and grow.


Just ask!

We can also schedule a free video consultation, so you can see if it’s right for you!

Contact me at (925) 800-3394, and let’s get you on your way!

Just one caution: online therapy is a great alternative, but it’s not appropriate for everyone.

If you’re in psychological crisis, having suicidal thoughts, engaging in self-harm, or experiencing severe and persistent mental health concerns, find a mental health professional who can offer the support you need in a face-to-face setting.