Feeling stuck?


In the past, in your anxieties and fears, in your poor self-esteem, on an incredibly overwhelming or traumatic experience… just stuck!

First, breathe.

You’re normal.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

Life is hard. Your experiences have just been exceptionally devastating, and your brain doesn’t always know how to cope.

So, what can you do?

You’ve tried everything, but…

Nothing seems to work.

Typical “talk therapy” just hasn’t cut it. You need something more.

Sometimes, real healing requires a much more involved process – it requires your brain’s natural healing processes.

EMDR taps into exactly that.

EMDR can help.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an extensively researched integrative psychotherapy approach that has proven consistently effective in the rapid treatment of trauma, PTSD, and many other presenting issues.

What you may not know…

Yes, it helps people dealing with trauma, but…

Did you realize it could also help you learn to reduce stress, cope with grief and loss, improve your self-esteem, phobias like health/performance/social anxiety, reduce negative self-talk, and manage compulsive behaviors?

It can also help you move beyond “stuck points” that have held you back in the past.

Why is this happening?

Your brain’s information processing system can handle a certain amount of stress, but sometimes you experience something that’s just too much.

Once overwhelmed, your brain can “freeze” that moment in time rather than processing it into a narrative memory like most other events in your life.

If that happens, every time you think of what happened, you may end up reliving the images, sounds, thoughts, physical sensations, and feelings of the original event.

But that’s not all.

Those sensations may come back with just as much intensity as before.

They can suck you into a powerful black hole that you may not be able to escape on your own.

They can be extremely distressing, interfering with the way you view the world and the way you relate to other people.

EMDR can change all that.

Incorporating elements of many different treatment approaches, the eight phases of EMDR have a direct effect on how your brain deals with stress.

Like what occurs naturally during dreaming or REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the guided eye movements of EMDR (under specific therapeutic conditions) can reduce the intensity of what disturbs you.

Following a successful EMDR session, your brain resumes normal information processing, so you still remember the event, but you find it significantly less upsetting.

Why online?

Most of these really difficult “stuck points” aren’t at all easy to talk about and being able to do it from the comfort, peace, and safety of your own home helps tremendously with your ability to not only open up, but process the difficult information and move forward.

After the session ends, you don’t have to worry about walking out of the office or driving yourself home… you’re already there in your comfy clothes and sitting in your favorite spot!

The convenience, security, and ease of online video therapy are just added benefits.

I’ve worked with individuals in a face to face setting that transitioned to virtual EMDR and they’ve all said that it feels the same. I’ve had the honor of witnessing many individuals heal through virtual EMDR.

You can too!

You can heal. At home.

I’ve seen EMDR change countless lives, including mine, and it can help you too.

Contact me today at (925) 800-3394 for more information about how you can move to lasting positive changes and a life of higher self-esteem and greater freedom and happiness.